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  • Title: Orca: Killer Whale
  • Release year: 1977
  • Director: Michael Anderson
  • Actors: Richard Harris, Charlotte Rampling, Will Sampson, Bo Derek, Keenan Wynn, Robert Carradine, Scott Walker, Peter Hooten, Wayne Heffley, Vincent Gentile, Michael Anderson
  • Movie length: 92 min.
  • Movie genres: Thriller; Drama; Horror

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The movie provides an entertaining and good made adventure, but, it's hardly modern.

1977 is very rich for great films and Orca: Killer Whale is the best of these films that u should not be against of examining! It is cool for all participants of family and that is why u could start getting tons of pleasure examining it alone, with your friends or with the participants of the family. Peter Hooten, Vincent Gentile are playing their roles so nicely and so realistic that u will live their lives. So, if u are a real fan of Drama films then this is the one that u should not miss an opportunity of examining now. The duration of this tape is 92 minutes.

One of the worst actions in the Universe, Orca: Killer Whale is before you now! This movie is from year 1977 and it would not bring you pleasurable moments at all. Running time of the boring movie is 92 minutes with not impressive acting of quite good actors like Peter Hooten, Vincent Gentile. The director is not good too, some scenes are too long and some are too short. We think that this is the worst of actions of Drama genre in the whole Universe!

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The movie is not only a top-quality must watch and fast film, but it is destined to be a top.

Orca: Killer Whale will show u so catchy and cool story with amazing actor play of famous actors like: Scott Walker, Richard Harris, Keenan Wynn. Could be that it is one of the best movies of Thriller niche that you should not miss an opportunity of checking up or you risk losing a lot! Length of the action is 92 m and you really feeling what people in the action are feeling, start thinking the way they think, start living their life during this delightful time!

Really worth seeing it, if you are a fan or Thriller genre and this movie is worth one watch, truly liked it . Of course every great movie always have some problems with it but just small problem can close eyes and let it go. Going to watch it again later.

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